Is the world minus one chipmunk?

It's dangerous enough on the roads around these parts for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, but it's killer for God's creatures great and small; especially while I'm driving.

I have had the misfortune of hitting at least one squirrel and a bird flew into my front grill once (it bounced off and flew away in a startled zigzag). Today, a chipmunk may have also met his demise at my hand.

It has been a harrowing few days for the wee critters running around creation in my presence. It all started Sunday when Mrs. Boston Crazy driving have to swerve to avoid hitting a Peter Cottontail. This cuddly little guy sat on the roadside very patiently, then darted out in front of us at the last second. She swerved and missed, luckily, as Peter had second thoughts and bounced back into the thicket alongside the Scituate road.

Well, today it was my turn to slalom around a mammal daring enough to step onto one of our roads. I was in Milton, rolling along at 30 mph, failing at staying on key to "Never Surrender" by Corey Hart, when just ahead sat a tiny brown object. A leaf? It moved. Was it blown by the wind? No. Oh shit! It's a chipmunk. Is it Chip or Dale? Can't see the nose or teeth to tell.

So, I do an evasive maneuver, but at the last second, it looks like he lined up right in front of my tire's new direction. I look in the sideview to check for it on the road. Nothing. I didn't feel a bump, but would I? Oh, the agony. I really hope the little guy got away safely.

Later tonight, on my way to the grocery store, I almost hit another critter. This time, a squirrel was in the road, and he was in front of a minivan heading towards me. The minivan had stopped and was waiting for it to cross, but the squirrel just laid still and seemed to play dead. Do they do that? I mean it really looked like it had already been hit. No blood, just dead. He mashed his face into the ground. Maybe he was putting his little forepaws over his little head in fear.

Believe it or not, these weigh on my conscience because I try not to hurt anything, except all mosquitos and only the mice that try to nest in my kitchen. I'm not the type of person who wantonly kills bugs and critters simply because I'm bigger. Aside from assuring the health of my family and myself, of course. I do like to fish, but not for sport. I do like to try to eat my catches, and when I do have to throw some back, I try very hard not to cause any more harm to the fish than necessary.

So, Mr. (or Mrs., or Ms.) Chipmunk, I hope you are safe with your family tonight. I will say a little prayer for you tonight, because there but for the grace of God go I.


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