I see funny things

One time riding along the highway I saw this truck that advertised it hauled some kind of swill away from restaurants. Gosh, I wish I could remember what it was now. Whatever it was, I remember it was putrid, and it was kept in 55-gallon drums in the back of a rack-body Ford F-150. That made it scarier to be next to.

Then, there was this. A container truck filled with fat. Well, technical fat, which according to the placard means it's not for human food. Ah. So, here's one fat that won't be used in McDonald's Fry-o-laters at least.

What is technical fat? This is a question that bugged me for the rest of my drive because fortunately there weren't any crazies in my path. I went to the oracle and Google and came up with this and this. I turns out the question burns in other regions, too. Notice, that in these instances, the contents are clearly marked as animal fat. My image doesn't, leading me to believe that maybe it wasn't animal fat. Perhaps it was human fat from liposuction clinics and it was going to Newbury Street where it would later be used in place of collagen to boost the lips and dim the lines of millionaire women.


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