'Slow' mystery solved

My friend who claims to know all about Dedham was stumped by the "Please Slow Down Dedham" signs when I asked her. I won't get a gift certificate to a local restaurant, like audience members on the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" did when they stumped Doc Severinson's band.

I did, however, get the info from a very reliable source: Recently elected Dedham Town Clerk Paul Munchbach. A longtime member of the Board of Selectmen, Munchbach recently replaced longtime Town Clerk Geraldine Pacheco, who retired from the position.

He had the scoop. His former colleagues on the Board of Selectmen authorized money to pay for the signs and asked the town's Department of Public Works to place them at various locations around town. The photo that accompanies this post is in Riverdale on Pine Street in front of St. Susanna's Church (Riverdale, interestingly is an inland island). Residents can actually call the DPW and request signs to be placed in certain areas.

While I usually don't like most government pork, I know these signs can be bought relatively cheaply. The material is weather sturdy in three seasons, and they can moved around town to reach different drivers. Most of all, they carry an important safety message that I hope gets drivers to actually slow down. Though, since most Massachusetts drivers are brilliant at ignoring all signs, I fear that these will be overlooked, too.

I should also like to thank Adam at Universal Hub for assisting me in this little project. He lent me some photos and kept me posted via e-mail on his sightings of the signs.


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