'Slow Down' returns to Dedham

Adam at Universal Hub has been a great pair of eyes for me on the issue of elusive "Please Slow Down Dedham" signs. As reported earlier, here and here, these signs mimic ones in more residential sections of Boston. The idea being that the signs will cause people to drive more slowly. I think they have merit because I bet it will get people to at least glance at their speedometer.

While on his way to dinner Monday, he spotted two of them near the Dedham Cinema, this time actually in Dedham! The first, judging by his description, was on Elm Street between Providence Highway (it ceases as Route 1 at the Route 95 interchange) and Washington Street, and a second was on Washington Street (Route 1A) south of Dedham Square.

I have another friend who knows Dedham very well. She's in on the gossip, shall we say, and I've asked her to get to the bottom of this. If she can't find out, I don't know who will!


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