'Slow' message spreads fast

Earlier this week, I collaborated with Adam at Universal Hub who lent me a couple of his pictures showing two types of "Please Slow Down (town)" signs. They first appeared in Boston City Councilor John Tobin's district around West Roxbury and Roslindale. In May, around Memorial Day or a week earlier, they showed up in Dedham only to mysteriously disappear in less than 24 hours.

I saw a Dedham one again Friday night, but not in Dedham. Apparently Westwood wants to spread the word, too. Maybe they are so eager to get the word out that they borrowed one of Dedham's signs. Or maybe they are so harried by zippy Dedham drivers that they want to send the message to slow down while in Westwood. Who knows. Maybe it was someone who refuses to admit that Westwood seceded from Dedham 109 years ago.

The sign was sort of haphazardly put into a traffic island that separates a parking lot from the street at a pair of Little League fields on East Street in the Islington section of Westwood. East Street leads directly to Dedham. Coincidence? Probably not.


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