Lane courtesy, not in these parts

Mac Daniel, the Globe traffic reporter, noted a few weeks ago that this is National Lane Courtesy Month. I guess there's a month for everything.

I only happened to see the post a couple of days ago, and since I've been keeping an eye out for people observing this month meant for kinder, gentler driving habits. I can say that National Lane Courtesy Month is either ill publicized around here, or we just don't give a damn. And you know what? I'm one of the biggest offenders.

I've never said I am the perfect driver, and I have pointed out my own faults on occasion on this blog. Although I'm no road hog, nor a short-fused road rager. I do get bothered by other drivers who try to steal my right of way and who try to run me out of my lane when I'm already 15 to 25 mph over the speed limit. No one owns the road, not even me, and I don't like it when people act like it was paved just for them.

Just in the past week, I ran into a minivan driver from Rhode Island (someone suggested calling him a Rhode Hog, how brilliant!), and an Acura-driving Masshole who paid no heed to the fact that it was National Lane Courtesy month. Those are just two that I blogged about. There have been dozens of others, including ones where I am being a snob. See, I won't let someone in front of me who is clearly trying to cut across traffic to get to the other side of the highway. I want that person behind me, not in front, thank you very much. I also don't like my goodwill taken advantage of by a perpetual lane-changer who keeps switching to find a faster-moving lane. And, yes, I don't like being stuck behind anything spewing black smoke, anyone in a car with more Bondo than paint, or that has been in accident (I don't need parts flying off at me!).

But that doesn't mean I'm a complete jerk. I do let plenty of people get in front of me or have the right of way, but Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving accuses me of meting out lane space like a governor granting a stay of execution. I tell her that's a harsh judgment, but it probably explains why she always drives when we go out in the same car.

I don't know who's a good judge in this matter. All I know is that I show lane courtesy when I think it will be returned, and most drivers around here want to take over the road instead of share it. That, I will not allow.


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