A vlog by a Boston commuter

Writing about driving in Boston is a nice hobby, which is primarily derived from my daily commute. But Ravi Jain uses his commute to actually create his posts. Jain, a self-described Boston-area artist, mounts a camera to his dashboard and chats with his co-commuters (friends) about various topics. Recently he's been vlogging about the World Cup.

The vodcasts are available for viewing on his Drivetime blog, and are rather well produced for someone who does this as a hobby. I watched a couple and was reasonably impressed. Most of all, I was entertained.

Stop by when you get a chance. I'll be watching for the day he gets cut off by a guy in a beat up old car and loses his mind. Also, make note of the clicking sound in the background. For many of you out there unfamiliar with that sound, it's the sound a blinker makes when it is turned on to indicate to other drivers you intend to turn.


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