Typical of a Saturday on Route 3

All this rain has been killing me. A lot of drivers tend to lose their minds during rain and snow storms. I can't understand why, really, but it happens. So, on Saturday, as it poured down, I opted to stay home rather than join Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving and son on a car trip to Marshfield.

Weekend traffic on Route 3 is atrocious to begin with. Add a rain storm, and you've got one frustrated blogger/driver. I chose the better part of valor and stayed home.

Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving returned with stories, as I expected. She admitted I was right that there were complete idiots out there on the roads, but it still wasn't enough to deter her from her journey.

The best story she related was about a woman driving north on Route 3 on the return trip. Traffic was heavy and so was the rain. Apparently it was so bad traffic was in a crawl. As she rolled up the road, along came this woman in a small car with no lights on at all. Instead she had her flashers on. Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving said she laughed herself sick at the sight of it. She couldn't understand why anyone would go to the trouble of turning on her hazard lights, but not her actual headlights.

As traffic moved, the lady driver moved along her merry way, blinking into the blurry distance.


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