The new Sunbeam sign

Here's a look at the new Sunbeam Bread and Cape Cod Bread sign. At least, I'm pretty sure both were advertising bread. Those who may not remember exactly where it is, might recall that it overshadows the former ice rink that is now Boston Bowl in Dorchester. Sunbeam was on the bottom rectangle; blue letters affixed to a yellow field. The top part advertised the Cape Cod Bread and had the encouraging message to harried commuters "You're almost home!"

I lamented the loss of the sign earlier because it was a daily fixture in my commute even though it appeared to have fallen into disrepair. It's loss is one more step toward the homogenization of the highway entrance to Boston. And even though it was an advertisement, it pitched something benign like bread. Next thing I expect to see is a silhouette of a dancing man or woman with iPod earbuds.


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