A diner named for a boondoggle

I'm actually kind of surprised more things haven't been labeled Big Dig around here. Of course there's the great Brigham's ice cream flavor Big Dig, but that's really all that comes to mind. I don't see T-shirts that say, "I fell into a hole in the Big Dig and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!" Or, "I got lost on the Big Dig and survived."

Then while I was down in Marine Industrial Park on Friday for work, I ran across one of the few surviving classic diner cars in Boston. As luck would have it, it's called the Big Dig Diner. The details on the exterior are great, even though it is looking a little careworn. I was impressed with the choice of neon letters and the clock that even was true to the period. I'm always a fan of authenticity, even when it's contrived. This is contrived, and in the best way: to look like it was always there.

Oh, and why was in Marine Industrial Park? I was treated to a tour of the USS Kearsarge, which is docked in Boston Harbor as part of Harborfest. It is open to the public, and is one of the navy's largest ships -- second to aircraft carriers. It was a great experience.


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