Syms strikes again

Syms has tagged another precarious location, just as MassHighway has sort of removed another.

As posted before, Syms is tagging some pretty treacherous spots, including a train trestle on Route 128, the side of the Upper Deck of Route 93 facing the Leverett Connector traffic and a 20-foot-tall retaining wall in Savin Hill facing the Southeast Distressway.

Today, I noticed he tagged the back of the exit sign that alerts drivers to exits 11A and Bon Route 93 in Dorchester. This is one of those huge, green signs that hangs on an Erector set over the highway traffic. But he ran out of room and could only paint SYM on it. It was painted in black with a white outline. There were other markings in red paint that said R.I.P. for someone, apparently turning the tag into a tribute.

Less than a mile north, I glanced up at the SYMS tag on the wall in Savin Hill, and noticed MassHighway, or a subcontractor, had removed the paint by powerwashing or sandblasting the wall. The unintended result was an uglier tag showing exactly where the paint was before.
It still says SYMS in huge letters, but much worse. Each letter is now composed of squiggly lines. I suppose that it will fade with time where paint wouldn't, and I'm glad it was removed quickly.

What I want to know is how much it cost to remove it, and if this Syms guy is found, will he get the bill? Probably not.


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