Today's driving tip

Here's a tip to all those people who are so concerned with getting somewhere that they feel the need to cut me off: If you are going to insist on cutting me off in traffic because you are in the wrong lane because (a) you weren't paying attention, (b) you arrogantly sped along an open lane with plans to wedge into the lane you need to be in, or (c) you're just too stupid to know better, at least make sure we both make it through the light!

Today I had a Dodge Durango driven by a woman who needed to get from the right lane (which was open) and needed to be in the left lane (which was two lanes of full traffic away). She pushed her way into my lane, wasn't aggressive enough to get through the intersection because, too, was blocked by inconsiderate lane changers, and caused both of us to miss the light while on Surface Artery after Pearl Street.

I don't mind missing a light. I'm never in such a rush that a 45- to 60-second delay is going to break my day. But I don't like being kept from getting somewhere because someone else in his or her rush to get somewhere else got in my way.

Obviously we all have to share the road, but I can't stand people too sheepish and scared to move along. There's nothing I can't stand more than when someone pulls out of a driveway or a side street in front of me quickly, then dies in my lane. This happens so much it makes me bonkers. I can understand the logic if there's an unending line of traffic, but when I'm the only car in sight, why does this seem safe or correct? Wait, oh, wait. I know. Because I might not drive as fast as you need to go and hold you up, right? Yeah. Fat chance. I don't speed, but I don't poke either.

So, just to recap, if you can't get a move on, don't cut me off. Get in behind me because chances are you'll have to squint to see me in a few seconds anyway.


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