Missing piece

I was visiting family in Marshfield for the Fourth. Drove down on Friday night, and was excited to be seaside for the weekend. I parked my car on the street; a quiet street that dead-ends on the beach.

Most of the people who own on the street are seasonal, save for a few who converted their seasonal homes to year-round retirement houses. But the street is a main artery for the rest of Rexhame through which to pass on foot or by minivan/SUV (for load and unloading sundry beach accessories). On many weekends, July Fourth especially, beachgoers surreptitiously deposit their empties in the front yard. This year, we were jostled from sleep by a group of middle-aged men carrying on as they walked up the street at 4:18 a.m. They were not the least bit quiet.

Before the Fourth even came, though, someone had defaced my car. Everything seemed fine on Saturday. I left my car behind and rode to the Cape with Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving to go kayaking (It was her first time, and she is now talking about buying one). Later that night, when I closed my trunk at the tennis court, I noticed the logo from my car had been picked off. Nice. It's bad enough that I have a couple of scratches on my bumper from a careless bike rider down there two years ago. Now there's this. Anyone know how much it costs to replace one of these things? It wasn't gold or anything, like the Lexus and Camry logos. I'm guessing though, that replacing it properly is a job for the dealer's body shop, meaning big dollars (my car is out of warranty).

Thanks, kid. Hopefully, you can enjoy that little something to remember me by. Just watch out, because I might want to give you a matching one, from my front end.


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