Ready for a big wet one

Every time it rains -- every time -- the idiots come out. They're almost like Gremlins, the movie animal, not the car. Get them wet and they reproduce. So, I prepare to embark on a trip from Boston to Beverly in the rain this morning, I know I will be held up by someone afraid of the rain, or someone who thinks its fun to slalom on wet roads.

Here's an example of what I have to look forward to, thanks to Universal Hub.

Although to be fair, I must say that us Rte. 9 reverse commuters are a remarkably smart, sophisticated and polite bunch who tend to obey traffic laws and road conditions (a Wellesley cop once put on his blues and pulled me over because I was only going at the speed limit and that was pissing him off). :-). People actually slowed down for the top-of-tire flood zones; the wakes were caused simply by the fact that there was just too damn much water; I can only imagine what it was like on Storrow Drive this morning.
Ahhh, the reverse commute. I used to dream for one of those, until I realized that it is a commute nonetheless. Now I dream for a commute from my bedroom to my home office.

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