There's never a cop ... Oh wait, there's one!

On the way to the Cape on Friday evening there was some kind of slow down on Route 128 South, which is also Route 93 North, in Randolph between the Rout 28 and South Shore Plaza exits. Turns out its was a gahkablahcka.

Three staties had the driver of an SUV sitting on the ground in handcuffs while they turned out its entire contents. Since this was the "COPS" in real life, EVERYONE had to slow down to look. Obviously I did, too. When in Rome...

As I was approaching the exiting scene, I saw a Hyundai rolling along in the breakdown lane, apparently in a rush to get to Sam Goody. As soon as the driver spotted the staties, the Hyundai fell in a few cars behind me. Lucky bastard. I wouldn't have let the car in. Doesn't matter. The state cops spotted it, and stopped the car in its lane of travel. I couldn't see if they cited the driver, but boy I hope they did. Cops have been killed by people driving in the breakdown lane to beat traffic. It's a $100 fine for doing it, but it should be more.


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