Carpundit gets it right

Carpundit, who writes about various things on his mind, has noted a story which has been lingering around here, but has been a big deal in California: The idea of allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. Boston Crazy Driving agrees with Carpundit that someone who came here illegally shouldn't be granted a driver's license.

Please allow this weblog to go political for a moment. (If politics disgusts you, please click the "next blog" button in the upper right.) Boston Crazy Driving is not opposed to immigration. Anyone who wishes to enter this country and become a productive member of the society is welcome. Those who subvert the law by coming as a tourist an overstaying his or her welcome, anyone who crosses a border without authority, or anyone who floats onto a deserted beach should be sent home.

Some have said to me recently, in context of the idea of allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state (resident) tuition at state colleges and universities, that they are productive members of society and they wish to improve themselves with an education. It's a valid argument, and I am happy they like it here so much. However, there's no getting by the fact that they came to this country illegally. Few countries are so forgiving as the U.S. of its illegal immigrants. My response to this argument, that they are trying to better themselves, is: Reform the immigration laws. Easy for me to say, yes, but if the Bush Administration put as much emphasis behind reforming immigration laws as it is with Social Security reform, there would be a meaningful change. And, this is a subject President Bush should know about since he was the governor of a border state.

OK, political spouting is over. Please read Carpundit's take, and follow his link to the story on the Cape Cod Times Web site.


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