Running scared

OK, so I am illegal at the moment. Through nothing less than my own stupidity, my vehicle inspection has expired. Since I use this weblog to point out others faults, I feel I should point out my own out for public review.

My inspection expired on April 30, while I was doing some minor interior remodeling of a cottage on the Cape. It never crossed my mind until Monday morning that I had forgotten through the whole month of April to get my car inspected. With no time on Monday to get the job done, I put it off until this morning. I went to three places today, all with a line of hopeless looking people ahead of me. That meant I had to try to find a place without a line. I stopped at one garage and the attendant didn't even let me get out of the car when he instructed me to drive around the back and park there. From there, the conversation went like this:

"Are you open for vehicle inspections yet?" (Some places really limit their inspection hours, so this is a valid question.)
"Drive around back and park there."
Taking that to mean, yes, I asked, "Is there a line for inspection?"
"Drive around back and park there."
Taking that to mean, yes, I asked, "How many are ahead of me?"
"Drive around back and park there."
Taking that mean, yes, I rolled up my window (pushed the power window button, actually) and drove on the next station.

All of this trouble was triggered by a problem out of my control. The place I have had my car inspected for the past few years was demolished this spring without notification (not that they needed to send me a letter or anything). It was a great old Gulf that stood as a monument to the golden age of driving. It had a huge rotating Gulf sign on the roof, and it had FREE air for tires, talk about a throwback. Now it's gone and new gas station is going up in its place that will most likely be another roadside eyesore.

Still, I persevere.


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