Crazy signs

Sometimes Boston's crazy drivers can be forgiven for their maladroitness behind the wheel because the road signs themselves are confusing. Obvious example: In Canton and Randolph heading into the city, one can travel South on Route 128 and North on routes 1 and 93 all at the same time, and while actually heading east.

So when the signs give the wrong messages, what are Boston drivers to do? They can call 911, as one of the new electronic warning signs suggested on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Just read Jay Leavitt's response.

If he did indeed call 911 as he says, I say good job! When these signs first went up on various highways around the area, I was excited to see something useful dotting the road for a change (instead of those signs telling me which school is at the next exit or which watershed I'm driving through). But they were dark for so long. I read in the Boston Globe that they were intended to be used to give us motorists traffic warnings, such as a bad accident or construction. I thought this was a great amenity to the road of the Boston area. Since then, I have seen an Amber Alert, and mostly warnings telling me to Click it or Ticket, State Police seek aggressive drivers, or State Police advise motorists to call 911, as Jay noted. Never once have I seen these signs predict a traffic problem ahead, construction or accident. So it appears these are just another wasteful use of my gasoline tax and/or Pike tolls (depending on whether these are paid for as part of the Big Dig).

And let's not forget what the signs were flashing in the fall of 2003.

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