Parking problem

There was quite a tie-up on Route 60 westbound in Medford Square this morning. After enduring nearly a year of construction delays thanks to an MWRA program to replace a hundred-year-old water main, I was used to this kind of inexplicable traffic jam. Then I spied the tell-tale lights of some kind of emergency vehicle in the distance. Within minutes traffic moved and I was upon one of the freakiest accidents I have ever seen.

It involved three vehicles, and from I can gather a big blindspot. It also didn't appear anyone was hurt, thankfully. A black Cadillac was wedged between a parked Lexus SUV, also black, and a large dump truck -- the long type that is usually used for hauling sand or gravel. This one had sinewy rebar poking out of it. It appears the driver of the fairly new Caddy, which had one of those ubiquitous "Support the Troops" ribbon magnets was either pulling out or backing in to the parking spot in front of Medford Toys. Either way, the dump truck wasn't able to stop in time, and the Caddy was wedged against the Lexus.

This could have been much worse, of course, since the truck driver hit the Caddy right near the driver's door. Fortunately, it was only a little dented on both sides. The scene went, from an onlooker's perspective, from nearly tragic to comical, when the owner of the Lexus came out and saw her car damaged. The look on her face revealed exactly what was on her mind, but she was too polite to say.


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