House movers

In the words of the great Foghorn Leghorn, "Calamity. I - I say, calamity."

At the risk of making this weblog the "Daily Calamity of I-93," I offer another episode of stunning surrealism. Imagine the morning rush. Now add sections of a modular home to the traffic flow. That's what we had this morning taking up the TWO left lanes. More stunning: People were trying to get by this thing on the right. Cars merging from the Neponset Circle on ramp, which typically try to get as far along as possible before merging, tried to wedge past this thing.

The two sections of house were causing all kinds of problems for drivers, including me. This morning I resembled the lane-changing fool I resent on the highway. You all know the guy. The lane he's in is too slow, so he moves over. But that lane slows down and he moves back. Then he crawls up someone's rear end until he can wedge back into the other lane, only to slow down and move again. Occasionally, these guys find their way out of their self-created maze and you never see them again. More often than not, though, they end up behind you on the offramp. Well, that was me, sort of, today. I apologize to my fellow motorists. I honestly wasn't trying to be that guy, but I kept losing ground because of the moving houses.


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