Fender bender causes bumper-to-bumper

Today featured a clever maneuver. What seemed like the typical Monday morning slow crawl on the Distressway (Route 93) was actually caused by a pair of drivers who had nothing better to do, apparently, than to have a conversation in the middle-left lane next to their parked cars.

In truth, they were exchanging papers after having a run-of-the-mill rear-ending. But they didn't even move over to the right. They just stopped right where the accident occurred and got out and started the paper exchange. The minor inconvenience to fellow motorists aside, I couldn't believe this seemed OK to the pair because of the danger of standing next to stopped cars in a travel lane of an interstate highway, DURING RUSH HOUR. Not to mention, it didn't seem like there was a lot of damage. As a rule, I don't usually grind to a halt to take in the finer visual points of accidents because I believe it is my job, as a driver, to pay attention to the road in front of me, lest I cause an accident myself. But a quick glance as a started to speed up revealed no sign of major damage.

To be fair, there is no breakdown lane at this point of the highway, just before the Neponset Circle on-ramp, but there's no preventing the two drivers from at least moving to the right lane. I just pray neither of them were hurt after I passed in astonishment.


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