Bad for business

In addition to the calamity below, today was the first instance since the start of this weblog of an all-too-regular occurrence around these parts: Bad drivers in business vehicles.

I've noticed more and more that I am cut-off, tailgated, etc. by vehicles bearing a company's logo. I've called these companies in the past, thanks to the beauty of cell phones, to report their drivers' bad deeds. I've even made a mental note not to patronize these businesses because of this. It may seem petty, but hey, it's my dollar, and I am not going to give it to someone who ran a stop sign. These vehicles are representing a business, and if they are careless on the road, who's to say they won't be careless serving me? No one's a perfect driver, so this site will be forgiving of all but the most negligent and preventable of maneuvers.

Today's infraction occurred in the new taxpayer car wash known as the 93 Tunnel, or the Liberty Tunnel, depending on who's speaking. A grey van was so close I could have been towing it. It didn't back off, either. So, in typical fashion, I threw out the anchor and suddenly became conscious of the 45-mile-per-hour speed limit. As soon as the new left lane came up with the onramp from Albany Street, the van swung out and went off like a shot. All I caught from the silver-gray flash that went by was Empire Auto. The logo was a Greek- or Roman-looking building. Superpages lists an Empire Auto Parts out of Foxboro, two other businesses with the words Empire Auto were listed in Springfield and New York. There was no Web site immediately available to confirm which one it was by the logo.

Boston Crazy Driving will endeavor to report business vehicles driving aggressively or otherwise making bad driving decisions. Readers can decide for themselves whether to patronize those businesses.


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