Weekly commute from hell

Today is my long commute day. I must drive from Boston to Beverly. Yay. This commute takes me over a every type of road to speak of, from country side road to major interstate, to the dreaded Tobin Bridge. (Why the Tobin Bridge? Because it's faster to get to 95 by Route 1 than Route 93. I've timed it.)

I don't mind the height of the Tobin. Actually, I like it best on days with low fog because it gives me the sensation of flying through clouds. Trouble is there's a ton of turbulence on that road. Does anyone else feel like they need to go to the dentist to make sure the teeth are OK after rumbling over that tooth-chattering patch of patches? I don't know the reason why the bridge is in such bad shape, but it seems to me that a surface road wouldn't be left like that for too long. This stretch of bridge, just past the old northbound tolls, is so bad I expect a section of it to fall out any day now. I just pray it's not on a Wednesday.

Route 1 after it is no treat with that near hairpin turn at Route 60 in Revere. The final leg of my journey takes me over the extremely dangerous old Route 128. It's two-lanes in each direction with very little room for traffic to enter and exit. In other states, this would be a signal to drivers to exercise caution. In Massachusetts, it is a challenge to run people off the road.

To top off all of this, it's raining today, and there's always more knuckleheads out on rainy days. I especially like the ones who try to remain clandestine by leaving their headlights off. It also seems as though any time there was a major snow or rain storm during the week this past winter it was on a Wednesday, adding yet another challenge to the commute. I guess spring hasn't ushered in a change in that weather pattern. Oh how I love Wednesdays.


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