Stoneham school accident trial

The trial of Enrico Caruso, the man charged with losing control of his car at a Stoneham elementary school last fall, began yesterday with emotional testimony from one of the victims, whose son was also hit.

According to the Boston Herald, the end of the story said the judge in the case threw out a charge against Caruso for failing to notify the Registry about his prosthetic right leg. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the right leg the primary one used for driving? I'm not a medical doctor, but I can imagine any number of scenarios where a prosthesis would be a driving hazard, first and foremost because the driver can't "feel" the pedals. Being able to feel the pedals sends a signal that triggers all kinds of appropriate muscle memory responses, such as emergency braking.

The sad irony in this case is that the children allegedly hit by Caruso now have their own leg ailments. One child had to have his leg amputated above the knee. Another will have to wear a brace for the rest of his life.

Though not specifically this incident, it's incidents like these that gave me the idea to start a weblog on Boston's crazy drivers. We can all laugh at the silly stuff posted here, such as the pair in a Route 93 fender bender who stopped in the middle of a travel lane to exchange papers, but there is a tragic side to the crazy driving in Massachusetts and the trial of Enrico Caruso is one example.


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