Boston crazy parking

Let's face it: Driving includes parking. How many spots near the door are unusable because some idiot is too close or even over the line? My favorites are the ones who don't even bother to put the car in the spot straight. They just roll in until they hit that little cement block, if there is one, or they just roll until the car stops. Then they jump out and leave the car cock-eyed in the spot, as if it's perfectly normal!

Now there's a solution. Just go here, and buy a package of "I Park Like an Idiot" bumper stickers.
The Web site advises not to stick it to other people's cars, but I say stick it to the glass and no harm, no foul. I think I would run out of a 20-pack at the mall.

I'm going to save my first one, though, for that who loves his Corvette or Dodge Ram (with a Hemi) so much that he parks crooked in the emptiest part of the lot so no one will dare park near it. I usually go over and breathe on them. I figure if the owners are so worried about dings, they'll be able to tell I breathed on it.


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