Tractor trailer madness

What is going on with tractor trailers these days? Two days in a row big rigs were involved in three different high-profile, traffic clogging accidents.

The most amazing part of the story was that the truck driver jumped off a bridge to the river 100 feet below Route 495 yesterday while the cab of his truck was engulfed in flames. Fox25 reported this morning that he was severely burned and is being treated at an area hospital. Boston Crazy Driving would like to wish him a speedy recovery. In case you missed it, read the story from the Herald. Universal Hub also points to a first-hand account of the scene by Domenico of the Bettnet.com weblog.

During the morning commute yesterday, a truck pulled down a bunch of utility wires on Route 9 in Natick.

According to this photo from the MetroWest Daily News, it appeared to have gotten caught on some low-hanging lines and ripped down the poles they were connected to. This meant that both directions of Route 9 had to be closed. Four western commuters, rush-hour backups on Route 9 are no anomaly, but this must have been really frustrating. After all, it was the second day in a row that the road was shut down because of a tractor trailer problem.

On Tuesday, Route 9 was shut where is crosses the Mass. Pike in Framingham because a jack-knifed truck caught fire on the Pike, right underneath the Route 9 overpass, as this photo from MetroWest editor Joe Dwinell's news weblog shows. Both roads were closed as a result.

What a mess!

And guess which road I drive to get to work in Southborough? Also fun yesterday: When I heard about the Natick fire, I got on 128 and then the turnpike. At the Framingham exit, there were two mostly empty lanes for people without transponders and three completely jammed lanes for people with transponders. Might that suggest something to the turnpike authority?

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