Parking nazi nabbed, *sob*

According to this Boston Herald report, the so-called JP parking nazi was apparently caught by police when they videotaped him vandalizing and unmarked police van. First, let me say that I don't care for the use of nazi as an adjective. It was a funny bit on the show "Seinfeld" with the soup-nazi, and I have, on occasion used the term feminazi, but as it enters other parts of the lexicon, I'm worried it will become watered down and its significance will be lost the way the trademark distinction of aspirin did.

That said, I can't help but have sympathy for the guy police say did this. I don't condone his methods, such as keying or spray-painting cars, but I do believe people need to know that their selfishness while on the road, and while parked, affects other people. Parking, and driving, properly is as much a part of polite society as saying "excuse me." To that end, I suggest this Web site, where people can purchase bumper stickers. All I suggest is they affix them to a window so they can be easily removed, and to a part of a window that doesn't block the driver's view.

Link to the sticker site is not working.
One thing that is not clear from many of the articles is that the majority of his "victims" were cars that were legally parked, but with bumperstickers he disagreed with -- including mine.

I live just around the corner from him and my blue car got red spray paint on it for the "offense" of having an anti-war sticker. Robert Feest's activities were not about enforcing the law, but about targeting people he didn't like, whether it was impolite parkers, people with different politics, or people with out-of-state plates parked legally in our neighborhood.

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