I MUST ... get in ... THIS space... NOW!

One of the reasons I started writing this weblog was for situations like one I experienced today.

Driving in typical summer Friday traffic in the typical afternoon clusterfuck coming out of the 93 South tunnel, there was this work van that had picked the spot between me and the car in front of me to merge from Route 90. It was nothing to him to move right across the cross-hatch painted on the road that is supposed to force traffic to merge further on.

This miserable driver (obviously upset he isn't a state worker who had the day off in honor of Bunker Hill Day), decided he MUST fit between me and the guy in front of me. Well, to me, a blinker isn't reason enough to let someone in, especially someone who is deliberately trying to cut in line. Nobody likes a cutter.

I kept on the tail of the guy in front of me to let this van driver know that he was welcome to fall in behind me. Instead, he gunned it, almost took out my driver's quarter panel and almost rear-ended the guy in front of me. That would have been a great scene.

"Well officer, I was in my lane of travel and the van driver came out of nowhere, didn't brake and slammed into me and the guy in front of me."

Hmmm. Who would be at fault?

Now that he was in front of me, I took note of the lettering on the truck. K Hardwood Floor Sanding. There was a number. 617-786-8720. I dialed. I got K's voicemail as his driver (could have been K himself in an awful rush) pushed the van across more lanes to speed down the Mass. Ave exit.

"Hi K! It's 3:45 on Friday. I'm on 93 South and one of your drivers nearly drove me out of my lane as he was trying to merge. Have a nice weekend."

The number is still in my cell phone. Perhaps I should call Quincy-based K again.

If there's one thing I hate is a pushy driver. I'm stubborn, but not pushy. If there's one thing I hate more, it's a pushy driver in a marked work vehicle. As I have said before, I believe it's important for businesses to act like they are always on the job. If their drivers are being aggressive, and putting other drivers in harm's way, I won't patronize them.

So, K, I have hardwood floors all throughout the first floor of my modest house. I know one refinisher I won't call when they need to be done again.


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