More lane changing woes

Although I made someone beep at me in anger yesterday, today I had two reasons to beep at business vehicles which honestly cut me off.

The Neighbor Care van was in the left lane on Route 128, and moved right across the lanes, as if the markings weren't there, and in the process he almost sideswiped the tractor of an empty tractor trailer on Route 128S/Route 93N in Braintree because the truck was trying to move into the same lane at the same time. This didn't deter the driver of the Neighbor Care van. He just sped up and moved across three lanes on his way to Route 3 South.

Heading into the tunnel, a white box truck cut into my lane with barely enough room and barely any warning. What's more, it was the left lane, and I thought trucks were prohibited from the left lanes of the highways in this state except for passing. The driver wasn't passing. When the tunnel picked up a new left lane with the Albany Street downramp, I moved over and pulled alongside to read the lettering on the door. It said, Federal Metal Finishing. A check of Switchboard.com shows a company by that name at 18 Dorrance St. in Charlestown.

Oh well, more to come...

Sidebar: Boston Crazy Driving is going to a wedding this weekend, where we will be checking the driving habits of New Yorkers, and possibly to take in a Red Sox-Yankees game, if there are tickets, in Enemy Territory.


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