Why I didn't see you this morning

Sorry to the person I nearly hit while changing lanes on Route 128 in Needham this morning. I didn't see you, but not because I didn't look. I did. Actually, I looked twice, in two mirrors and over my shoulder. You know why I didn't see you? Because you didn't have your minivan's lights on.

Today's storm is the third, and most likely the worst, nor'easter of the month, I would think you would have learned by now to put your headlights on in the rain. It's not so you can see better, it's so I can see YOU better. Your lights are able to cut through the road spray and rain, unlike the glint from your faux-chrome grill. And it's not just a courtesy, it's for safety. Isn't safety one of the reasons you purchased that Griswold Family Truckster in the first place? It certainly wasn't for its sportiness.

Your angry beeping at me invading your driving space was justified, but only to the point that I almost hit you. Had we collided it would have been my fault, at least according to my insurance company. They wouldn't have even taken into account the fact that you did nothing to alert other driver's of your presence on the road. Shame on you. You are putting your children at risk of being hurt as you hurtle that land barge along the highway.

Don't worry, though, you weren't the only inconsiderate, self-righteous bastard on the road this morning. I was almost rear-ended by a New Hampshire Jeep Cherokee with front quarter panel damage that was speeding and cutting across three lanes of traffic in some apparent rush to get home to milk his cows, or something.


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