Tub thumping

The warm weather brings with it fewer clothes and rolled down windows. The latter can be a problem when trying to balance our need for fresh air and the intrusion of noise.

While noise doesn't bother me much, the occasional loud chopper runs right up my spine. But what gets really bothersome is someone with the radio cranked and the windows down. Most of the time, I like the music emanating from the lowered Honda Civic. It has a good beat, even if I don't recognize some of it. But sometimes it can be downright annoying, and just sounds like bad tub thumping.

Case in point, I was listening to a song recently and I had the radio up and the windows down. I didn't have it cranked, though. Alongside of me comes a mid-90s Lexus with all windows down and a kickin' system that seemed like it was pushing about 10,000 watts. This thing could have powered the sound system at the Hatch Shell on the Fourth of July. Out of it came some kind of high bass house music that rattled my mirrors. I could feel it in my seat.

Even though I couldn't compete with this guy with my measly stock stereo, I did try. I moved the dial to WBUR and turned my radio to 11, (because this one goes to 11). As his song ended, the voice of Michele Norris blasted out my windows. The guy looked at me as if I was the one being rude. I laughed as the light turned green and I let him beat me off the mark.


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