Which way do we go?

As if driving in Boston weren't hard enough already, the Herald brings us this wonderful example of clear signage. *Sarcasm* Look closely at the direction of the green lights and the No Left Turn sign. Hmmmm. Reminds me of old Roscoe P. Coltrane's speed limit sign that would change to a lower speed after the Duke boys sped by on the Old Ridge Road.

It's probably an honest mistake, but man, it makes for one hell of a great photo. And it does show how hard it can be to navigate Boston's roads because they are poorly marked. I can usually find my way around because I am a Boston 'burbs native, but I find it hard to tell people how to get around. The new ramps and tunnels have made it that much harder because many of my old ways and landmarks are gone or changed.

Welcome to Boston! Now get lost.


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