Some updates to the blog

As you can read below, I have updated my comments and trackbacks to Halsoscan. I've heard Halsocan is the epitome of "ghettobloggin," but it works and it's free.

I have also made some changes to my blogroll. Gone is The Last Nail, which was a great weblog until April when the author suddenly stopped posting without word. I have updated the link to the Phoenix's Media Log, now written by former Globe (and now Phoenix) media critic Mark Jurkowitz. New to the roll is Lit Critic and Commuter Rant. I haven't had much time to explore these in depth yet, but on first glance they both appear to be useful to their audiences and intelligently written. Commuter Rant seems to be the MBTA version of Boston Crazy Driving. And please take a moment to read Waiter Rant. It's written by a New York bistro waiter with wit and wonderful description. Anyone who has ever worked in food service or retail can relate and will enjoy it. Do make sure to follow the link to Universal Hub, which is a human-run blog reader of Boston-area blogs. Run by Adam Gaffin, author of "The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English," Universal Hub is a must-read for locals interested in their peers' thoughts on everything local, national and itnernational.

Finally, I have made a deal with the devil. I am now running Google Ads on my page. I know, I know. Advertising is everywhere, even on your favorite driving rant blog. But what can I say? It's free money, and anyone with a weblog and can do it. Since anyone can set up a weblog courtesy of the many free sites out there, anyone can collect a check from Google's advertisers. I expect I should earn enough to be able to afford to take Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving for a nice night at the Friendly's Walk-up window every month!

I ship out tomorrow for Montana to visit family, and to see what it's like to dodge horses and farm equipment.

On a final note, Re-Jan Electric's van #13 parked illegally in the Bertucci's parking lot last night in Norwood, smack between two rows of legally parked cars. He was probably just "running in" (more on that in a future post). I stood out in the rain last night to guide Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving out of the spot, and then called and left a message for the boss. Just another service company we won't be using because one its employees made a poor representation.


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