Do not pass us

I'm hoping for some explanation from those in the know about something I witnessed (got stuck behind, really), this morning on Route 1 North.

There was a column of about 30 Boston Police motorcycle officers riding two abreast and followed by a single unmarked cruiser. All had their emergency lights on. There was no particular reason for them to be blocking the road. It appeared that they were going to State Police Trooper Vincent Cila's funeral in Wakefield. But they weren't part of the funeral procession yet.

I'm not criticizing the cops. I'm also not complaining. I wasn't late for anything, and it didn't really take me any longer than normal to get where I was going. I'm just wondering why we drivers behind this column were kept from passing on a three- and two-lane divided highway? All of the bikes stayed in one lane. There was also no marked State Police escort for the Boston Police motorcycles. And it did cause some boneheaded maneuvers by some drivers who were very eager to get past the column.

I wouldn't even question it if that was the actual funeral procession. I would have gladly waited 30 minutes or more for Cila's funeral procession, which I imagine was long, to go by. I don't begrudge these officers for going in formation to their brother officer's funeral, either. I just don't understand why we weren't allowed to pass.


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