Hanging heads

This maneuver was all brains. As traffic was creeping along the Expressway yesterday, I noticed a young blonde woman (read: old enough to know better) hanging her head out the window, apparently talking to the blonde hanging her head out of the window in the car in front of her. Both were on the passenger side. Also, all occupants of both vehicles were blonde, for the record. And, no, this isn't a blonde joke. Seriously. They were having some kind of conversation with their heads hanging out the window.

I looked at the tags: New Hampshire. I don't have anything against New Hampshire drivers the way I do for Rhode Island drivers, but I do believe some of N.H.'s drivers get a little freaked out driving into the big city.

As these young ladies were carrying on, I wondered if this was some form of acceptable communication in New Hampshire. Us Massholes, as we are lovingly referred to up there, usually pull up alongside one another to have a conversation. We see the logic and convenience of being next to one another rather than in single file. Perhaps they also could have used their cell phones. What high school or college-aged kid doesn't have one these days? They didn't have two phone among the four of them?

Further along the road the memory of a story told to me by my driver's ed. teacher poked into my present consciousness. He told this story of two former students, both licensed, driving past him in his driver's ed. car. The passenger was hanging out the window as they drove by and he was making gestures and faces and being an all around fool. The teacher continued on with the lesson, hoping that ignoring the boys would make them go away, until his student turned the corner and they say the car parked on the side of the road with a large red stain on the windshield (I might be embellishing a little bit, but the basic facts remain as I remember them). Turns out the driver swung too close to something hard, like a telephone pole, and decapitated his friend who was hanging out the window. My driver's ed. teacher swears it was a true story he witnessed. If not, it stands alone as a good urban legend, and scared the hell out of me enough to never hang myself out of the car.


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