Surprise! We're not the worst drivers

The Herald today has a story about a national study that places Boston in fifth place for the rudeness of its drivers. There are several ranking points, such as honking and rude gestures, in which Boston took the top spots.

I don't know how scientific this survey is, or is just another magazine-style ranking such as America's healhtiest city, or place with the most trees. Regardless, I know what I see, and I knew that Boston drivers didn't deserve the reputation as the worst drivers. We're terrible, there's no doubt about it or I wouldn't be able to write this blog, but we aren't the worst. This survey seems to bear me out.

Ed. note: I also think the photo is contrived. I bet it is a reporter driving in traffic leading up to a location of a Herald photographer. I can't remember the last time I saw someone actually climb out of a car window to scream at another driver like the guy in the photo ... esepcially in the rain.


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