Rain and cars

I've long noticed the phenomenon that rain creates traffic jams. I don't know why. It's just rain.

Sure, everyone should slow down because slick roads aren't the place to be testing the 0-60 timing, but I can't understand why it seems that every major highway gets clogged whenever it rains, and for no apparent reason other than it's raining.

Today, in my daily driving reverie, I figured it out: Rain drops make more cars. Silly, I know. But what other explanation can there be? Maybe cars aren't actually steel, rubber and high-density plastic. Maybe they are just a glob of rain drops.

Now, that can't be true, because there are way more cars and traffic is much worse on Route 3 near exits 2 and 1 on sunny summer days.

I'm just glad more and more people are leaving Boston because traffic would be much worse, I guess.


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