Unbelievable coincidence

Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving and I went out to celebrate her first Mother's Day on Saturday night witout Crazy Driving fils. He was safely swaddled in the arms of his maternal grandparents while his mom and I enjoyed a lovely red meat dinner at Plaza III in Faneuil Hall. With so many steak places now in Boston for comparison, this one seems like it's a bit on the overpriced side. But the food is worth it, and the restuarant validates parking at 75 State Street, which is right across the street.

On our way home in the pouring rain, we turned left onto Broad Street from the garage exit and as we crossed Water Street, I imparted a little bit of history on my wife (who grew up in the same town as me and is the same age). I told her that Water Street is so named because that is where early Bostonians went to get water. It's a true story. There's a plaque on a wall between Devonshire and Washington streets where Water Street is a nice pedestrian walkway.

In due course, as we came upon Milk Street shortly after, she told me that was where the early Bostonians got their milk. We chuckled the way people do when they make such jokes, until I looked just ahead and saw something in the road. It was a gallon of Hood milk. I am not joking. It may have been empty, and it was lying on its side. The cap was still on. It appeared on Broad Street, almost as if on queue, right in front of the opening to Milk Street.

This is just another reason why I should carry my digital camera with me at all times while driving. I guarantee half the people who read this post won't believe me. But I know it's true.


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