Bonehead maneuvers I

I haven't quite figured out yet how to report most of the boneheaded maneuvers I see daily. Some are insignificant and are hard to create a whole post about, so I'm daring to start a series where I list a compilation of boneheaded maneuvers.

  • On Main Street in Medford on Friday afternoon, a Top Cab driver, apparently displeased the with typical afternoon traffic backup on Route 16 West, backed down the ONRAMP then backed around the corner onto Main Street, in MY LANE OF TRAVEL. It's also possible the driver missed the OFFRAMP and needed to get off or risk the ire of the fare in the back seat, but this is a major no-no.
  • Doncha love it when someone in such a hurry who drives illegally gets blocked by traffic anyway? Also on Friday afternoon, I was in the southbound Tip O'Neill tunnel near the point where AM radio creates a really mechanical sound (my opinion on that), when a car starts coming on my left in yellow-cross-hatched emergency stopping zone. This bonehead is driving a white Lexus with new plates that have the two letters in the middle and a rear bumper that has seen better days (as has mine). As he whips by me, he presses into the new lane created by the new ramp just before Kneeland Street. He is sporting the typical bonehead posture: overhand grip right on the top center of the steering wheel, right elbow on the center console and right hand holding a cell phone to his ear. He eats bumper for about a hundred yards in the left lane, which is always slow because of the merging traffic from Route 90.
  • Second hurried driver seen on Sunday in Hyde Park. I pulled out of a side street with more than enough room. I'm no poke, either, so I was quickly up to speed, but on my left heading towards oncoming traffic is a black pickup truck with a cap and a Pat Patriot magnetic symbol on the tailgate. He even gave me a brief tap of the brakes to let me know how out of line I was to enter his lane of travel. At the next lights, he got stuck behind a line of three Sunday drivers who had nowhere to go and all day to get there. For some reason, he didn't try passing them on the wrong side of the road.
That will do it for now, but stay tuned. If this works, it might become a regular thing.


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