5,000 hits!

Just a quick post of thanks to those who read this rant. Your visits here have totaled more than 5,000 unique page views in less than a year. That's nearly an average of 100 visits per week. I consider that a personal achievement since most of what I put up here isn't anything more than what anyone else experiences on a daily basis in Boston.

I would like to express particular thanks to Adam at Universal Hub. Without him, I wouldn't have been noticed in the blogosphere in the first place. His continued linking to my rants has been the main engine behind my traffic. For those who found this blog on their own, check out Universal Hub on your own. It's a great resource of citizen journalism that has no equal in Boston, or perhaps any other major metropolis.

Also thanks to those who blogroll me. I can't name everyone because I don't know everyone who does, but I appreciate the link. If you blogroll me, and would like a reciprocal gesture, please e-mail me. I would be happy to add you to the list.

I wish this post could also announce a major redesign of the site, but I'm afraid I don't have the money or the expertise to do that. The template I use is a Blogger creation. I chose it because the statue in the upper left is George Washington at the Public Garden, I swear. I may be considering some tweaks this summer when I will have more time. If anyone wants to lend some free advice, it would be graciously received and credited here.

Anyhow, thanks again for sticking with me for these 11 months, and even being faithful when my posts lagged.


UPDATE: I'm over 5,200 unique page views now, which brings my average to 100 visits per week. That's great traffic for a first-year blog. Thanks very much everyone!


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