Funny things seen on the road recently II

A squirrel using the crosswalk during Spring Break at Milton Academy. He certainly wasn't late for class.

A red sportscar on Route 128 in Danvers with the license plate "BDDRIVR." At least he admits it.

A pair of motorcycle cops rolling down Route 128 in Needham that was reminiscent of Punch and John from "C.H.iP.s."

Here's a link to an anecdote by Adam Gaffin on Universal Hub about a woman who drove while doing her hair.

Finally, and best of all, a misspelled billboard. I was heading south on 128 in Reading and noticed the rotating billboard on the roadside in front of Jordan's Furniture's new building has an ad for one of the "128" car dealerships. The largest type on the billboard screams "YOUR APPROVED!" I wonder if I should call the dealership and tell them it should be "YOU'RE APPROVED!"


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