Same to you, pal

Sometimes, I can get on the highway on the way home and don't even need to give a second look to the lane I am entering. Sometimes traffic is heavy enough at full speed that I have to merge. Tonight was a merge night. Everyone was going at or above the speed limit, including the people trying to get off the highway where I get on.

My Route 93 onramp shares a lane with an offramp ahead -- which is nothing uncommon on Massachusetts highways -- and I have come close more than once to trading paint with a few cars trying to exit as I enter. Enough practice has taught me that I need to be going as fast or faster than the traffic on the highway specifically at that onramp. (I almost creamed a car one night that was stopped at the end of the ramp!)

So, tonight I was getting on and I stepped on it, and at the same time, a Corolla was trying to exit. There was no space behind that car for me to enter for as far as I could see, but plenty of space in front of it. When the Corolla driver fell in behind me, the drive felt the need to flash me three times. Why? Who knows? Maybe because I wasn't supposed to get in front of that car. So, I hope the driver didn't mind seeing my response: My brake lights three times.


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