Funny things seen on the road recently

Last week I saw a guy in Malden on a sunny day driving an older Japanese mid-sized car wearing ski goggles, perhaps as sunglasses. Today, I saw an older model blue Dodge Caravan with the license plate "CAMRY." I wonder if the driver's spouse drives a Camry with the license plate MINIVN.

A long time ago, a coworker had a photo of a road sign post from some unknown place that was meant to alert driver's to a rough road ahead. The sign said "Frost Heaves," which is very common around these parts. Some jokesters took this to mean that poet Robert Frost was having some GI trouble, perhaps from a violent bout of the flu or maybe some bad shellfish and also posted signs reading "Poe Hurls" and "Barret-Browning Barfs" among others. If anyone knows where I can obtain this photo, please pass along a link or a photo itself. Much appreciated!


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