As the weeks pass, I am learning more and more about the advantages of the iPod Mini my wife bought me this summer as a surprise gift. Since I first had it, I fell in love with the idea of carrying around one device the size of my wallet with all the songs I want in it. I immediately converted most of my songs from my not so vast CD library to mp3 and synced them with my iPod. Coupled with and iTrip FM transmitter so it can play through any stereo tuned to a certain frequency, this thing has become indispensable. Apple should send me a free one seeing as I have probably sold about six of these things for them: three minis, a 20-gig and two 30 gig video ones.

I have been listening to the thing pretty regularly, and more recently have discovered all of the free stuff available on iTunes, the searching database of audio and video files. Most interesting to me are files known as podcasts. These are audio and video files that people can access, most of them for free, that run the gamut on topics. I stumbled across one that comes from Virgin Radio in London called the Geoff Show. Anyone interested can search iTunes Podcast directory to find it, but you would have to be interested in things about the UK to bother. It's kind of a Matty in the Morning with fewer sidekicks. In fact, as I was making that analogy to a friend of mine today, I wondered if Matty had a podcast of his show and as the day progressed I wondered about other radio stations. So, I checked out some of the radio web sites tonight, and I wondered whether they have someone designing their sites, or do the let the interns do it? There were no podcasts on the stations, by the way (WBUR.org has some). The looks of some of these sites reminded me of surfing in 1996, and reinforced my opinion that Boston radio at least is way behind the rest of the world. Think they've even heard of podcasts or iPods for that matter?


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