Rear-end ogling

I stare at a lot of rear-ends every day. Each one is different. Some are big and wide. Some are squarish. Some have little identifying marks. And still some are very nondescript. Some make me laugh. Some make me think. Some even make me angry or sad. Who knew rear-ends could be so diverse, but they are. I write, of course, of car rear-ends; not the type that will get me in trouble with my company's HR department.

Usually, there's the run-of-the-mill faded "Support Our Troops" ribbon magnet, something Patriots or Red Sox related or some while oval sticker with some three or four letter abbreviation of some place made to mimic country codes on European cars under the old registration system.

Tonight I saw something small that made me laugh. It was an advert for a company that I will post later when my memory is working again. But the saying was: "It's about Folk N' Time." Say it aloud real fast. I thought it was clever enough to share.


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