When driving and politics collide

On my way to work this morning I passed a Volvo Cross Country near Lexington with a hand drawn sign in the back window that read "Tune to 1200 or 1430 AM." I tuned to 1430 AM because it was closest to one of the factory presets on my AM dial (I only have three since there's so few AM stations in Boston anymore). It was AirAmerica, the "progressive" (read: Democrat) answer to the so-called vitriolic conservative talk radio. I laughed. I'm not some left- or right-wing screaming mimi who gives a damn either way about political radio. I listen to Howie Carr. I listen to John DiPietro. I used to listen to Brudnoy (boy do I miss him), and I listen to NPR, which is said to be liberal, but I don't hear it.

Anyway, I was reminded of this when I read this post on 3mote. I think it's silly that people feel the need to respond to other people's bumper stickers.


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