We need more signs like this

Driving home tonight I was behind a driver who came to a complete stop, at a green light. The first beep got no response. That was the polite, "Hey, it's still green" beep. Finally, on the second beep, which betrayed a bit of irritation, the driver moved. A bit further down the road, she stopped again, but this time for a second before putting on the left turn signal. After the traffic passed, she turned into the driveway at Milton Academy and I got a good look at her. She was having as much trouble maneuvering herself out of the car as she was on the road because she was busy chatting on the phone. I could go on about cell phone etiquette (perhaps I will in another post when time allows), but I will leave the story here and with this picture that should become as ubiquitous on our roads as speed limit signs (thought people will probably ignore them the way they ignore speed limits).

Speaking of signs, here's a link to Universal Hub, which links to a blogger who got lost on her way Wellesley College thanks to poor sign postings


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