Remarkable maneuvering

I thought for sure someone was going to be killed on Route 128 in Waltham last week. I was driving in the left lane for a bit to make some time and suddenly saw a car do something that didn't look right. It was an SUV about a dozen cars ahead of me in the center left lane and it was wobbling. It then lurched left into the left lane and eventually went off the highway into the median.

Amazingly, the driver managed to keep the car on all fours, and from hitting anything. The car came to rest on a patch of grass just before the Winter Street exit, and as I passed the car I gave a glance to the driver who wasn't visibly injured. I couldn't tell if the driver was a man or a woman, but from what glimpse I did get, I bet he or she was a bit shaken up and relieved. I thought about stopping, but I didn't think it would be wise as there was no real way to get back on the highway safely. There was no reason for two cars to attempt to get back into traffic from the median strip and create twice the hazard.

That driver did a remarkable job of keeping the SUV from flipping, and from causing damage or injury to any other vehicles or drivers.


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