Blinker, turn signal, whatever; just give me a sign

There's nothing that bugs me more about driving in Boston than the lack of turn signals. Since I grew up around here I have grown accustomed to it, but it doesn't mean I don't have to like it.

I'm not saying I'm a saint. I have forgotten to use it on occasion, and I don't use it when there's little traffic on the open highway. I also don't use my left turn signal while driving around inside a rotary the way Mrs. Boston Crazy Driving does (which also bugs me). But I can't stand these people who crawl along the gutter approaching a turn with no courtesy of letting the drivers behind know why the pace is so slow. I was behind a Ford Expedition (called such because the thing is so large they have to send out a search party for backseat passengers) tonight and the driver started hugging the curb approaching a relatively dangerous intersection governed by a single stop sign that most people ignore unless there's opposing traffic.

I wanted to go around the Expedition, but wasn't sure if I could because I could tell if the driver was turning or just trepidatious about the people who dart out of the stop sign. Finally, I decided to go around on a hunch and it paid off.

Writing about the Expedition driver alone might seem unfair, but it was perhaps the third or fourth person tonight to somehow fail to use a turn signal. I had the very common occurrence of a driver just start moving into my lane on the backed up Southeast Distressway. I had another slow to make a left, but I had no idea until the driver started to make the turn. I suppose the fourth one was actually misuse of a directional, which is bothersome, as the driver carried on heading straight with the right blinker blazing. Are you turning or what, pal? If not, get a move on!

I suppose I could fill this blog with posts about errant blinker use, especially around Boston, but tonight it really got on my nerves.


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