Grimy walls

I'm really beginning to wonder why the Tip O'Neill Tunnel is anything to brag about. I drive through it nearly every day in both directions. It's a dump. The walls are covered in the type of grey grime that coats cars in New England from December to March.

I wonder if they are going to wash the wall ever. Perhaps that can just focus the spray from one of the leaks. Speaking of which, I noticed ice stalactites hanging over the center lane of the northbound tunnel one cold day recently, and I thought, "that can't be good." On another trip through the southbound tunnel, I saw broken cement on the parapet and ground on the lefthand side that looked like it fell from the ceiling. It was just north of door CP442.

The evening traffic in the tunnels gives me a chance to take a slow roll through the tunnel and inspect the work. One "exit" has had water in it more days than not, and it also looks like they have emptied a river of mud on a nightly basis (this is just at the curve by the Albany Street exit).

In short, the tunnels are in bad shape, and they are gross. Every time I see Turnpike Chairman Matt Amorello on TV touting the project, I want to call in and ask if he or any of the gladhanding reporters have driven through it lately.


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